Refinished Adirondack Chairs

I refinished these chairs and foot rests for a friend. I am happy with the final product. The big lesson: Doing a thorough job of refinishing takes A LOT of time and work. My wife and I probably spent 20 hours over several weeks to do this. It would have been faster (and only a little more expensive considering the time investment) to just build new ones from scratch considering that these are just made from pine. These had some sentimental value, so it was worth the time.

adirondack truck
The job was to repair and refinish 2 chairs and 2 foot rests.
This shows the cracked and chipped paint throughout.
adirondack chair yuck
Even the bottom edges show signs of wear and the old wood is twisted.
adirondack chair2
the paint was pealing and joints were loose throughout.
adirondack chair3
The legs were falling apart from years of wet exposure and wood rot.
adirondack chair4
we had to remove and make copies of rotted pieces.
adirondack 2
Removing nails, sanding and filling holes takes a lot of time to do right.

adirondack chair5adirondack chair1

Adirondack paint
After sanding, filling, and priming, the final coats went on with a paint sprayer. This is my first job using a paint sprayer. It is magic. I feel like a superhero!
adirondack chair6
Here is the final product. Very Nice and looks nearly like new. The fresh coats of enamel should provide years of use.



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