Wooden Mirror Frame

We picked up this old round mirror on Craig’s list for a song, and then used some scrap pieces of wood to make this mirror. We were inspired by this tutorial, though we did have to make some significant changes to accommodate our much larger mirror. Also we did not do the trim peace.

round mirror1
Here are the pieces. 1 x 12 cut at 20 inches on the long edge with 30 degree angles.
round mirror3
Pocket hole screws and glue to join the edges.
round mirror4
Created a center base and used a home made compass to sketch out some circles. Thank you algebra teachers. I remember students asking, “when are we ever going to use this?” well I used my basic algebra and geometry today!
round mirror5
After cutting out the circle with a jig saw, we cleaned up the inside and outside edges with the orbital sanders.
round mirror7
This is the back side. I purchased some meaning plates from the hardware store and put a little bend in them then added screws to hold in place. Used eye screws and some braided metal rope to make a picture hanger.
round mirror6
The finished product on the wall. This is made from fallen ponderosa pine and has the beautiful streaking and patterns you can’t find anywhere else. 

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